About us

Common sense and transparency are characteristics that suit us. And we aren’t afraid of hard work!

These characteristics are evident in the long history of our family business. Our father and grandfather started their own sand and gravel quarry. It was hard work – most machinery was not yet available and the lorries, which had no steering and breaking assistance, had to be loaded by hand. The lorries had to be loaded – even during severe cold, hot summers and long periods of rain. However, this was a very instructive time – much was learned about the various types of sand, clay and chalk.

TransportbandBefore long, the first plasticisers used to make cement more easy to process, entered the construction market. However, this innovation was not used in road construction and traditional foundation techniques and methods remained the norm. As a result, we decided to search for improvements ourselves – convinced that it must be possible to build with the soil already present and/or secondary materials. We began to research which additives had the properties necessary to improve the soil. Because successful developments usually come forth from the expertise of many, we decided early on to collaborate with international companies and individuals with extensive knowledge of the materials and their properties. This process has led to the product Geosta® currently available. Naturally Geosta® adheres to all legislation, including the Dutch Soil Quality Decree.

Auto-zeef-002The range of high quality products that we have developed allows us to (re)use existing soil and secondary materials – consequently greatly reducing the need for environmentally damaging transportation. This contributes directly to a reduced carbon footprint and a healthier environment.

Our goal is to work with you to continue improving roads – with respect for the environment and the future.