What is Geosta®

Geosta® stands for Geological Stabiliser. Geosta® is a powdered additive that acts as an intelligent processor when combined with cement, making it possible to use all types of soil to create a high quality final product.

Geosta® is highly versatile in its application:

  • It can be added to any type of soil, which is limited in its use by organic components to make it suitable for binding with (Portland) cement.
  • Geosta® optimises and maximises the binding of cement and soil material. This results in an exceptionally strong bond.
  • Geosta® forms three-dimensional, long crystals which provide the material with not only a higher   compressive strength, but also a higher flexural strength. This is a unique combination among    cement based materials!
  • Geosta® allows contaminated soil to be made into reusable building material.

Our product has distinguished itself for decades by its high quality and durability. In order to guarantee this quality in the long term, Geosta® is continuously in development.

Geosta®: Quality in Stability

Many professional contractors have used Geosta® to their satisfaction, and its quality has been proven time and again. In the past decades, Geosta® has been continuously developed into a product with a high – and stable – level of quality and a steady mixing ratio.

Geosta® stands for Durability

Through the years our clients have given us their confidence and built many Geosta® structures. This gives us a large number of reference projects – both at home and abroad. We are more than happy to share these with you and we take pride in the high quality and durability of Geosta® applications.

In the past we have proven ourselves – in the future we would gladly continue to do so with you.