The Advantages of Geosta®

  • It can be used with almost all types of soil;
  • Almost no excavation is required, and all types of fill material can be processed;
  • It stands out in quality, durability and reliability;
  • It proves itself under almost all circumstances as a highly stable product that performs well with a fixed mixing ratio;
  • It meets the criteria of the Dutch Soil Quality Decree;
  • It offers 10-30% cost reduction in comparison to traditional methods;
  • It allows high yields daily;
  • It allows the final product to be put in use quickly due to its high initial strength;
  • It prevents the formation of cracks;
  • It contributes positively to a reduced carbon footprint by limiting the amount of transport required;
  • It makes water repellent and frost resistant surfacing possible.


Geosta® implemented for the Immobilisation of Polluted Soil

In many decontamination projects, Geosta® has proven to be one of the best products available for immobilising polluted soil. Each project involving polluted soil is unique and requires a tailored approach. References and results of various projects are available on request. Research in this field is ongoing – with exceptionally positive preliminary results.